Roundup: Best PPC Strategy.

This is the first in our roundup series where we list the best PPC strategy tips for the month, covering Pay Per Click search and display ads in (mainly) Google AdWords (but also applies to Bing Ads). We found the roundup exercise to be great for improving our own expertise and we’ve highlighted the standout tips for each article below.

7 Insider Tips You Can Use to Generate More PPC Landing Page Traffic

by Jacob Baadsgaard @ Instapage

Best PPC Strategy by InstaPage

  1. Optimize for mobile
  2. Retargeting
  3. Start with social, sell with search
  4. Bid on your competitor’s branded terms
  5. Use in-market audiences
  6. Gmail sponsored promotions
  7. Don’t pay for ads that aren’t producing

8 Best Paid Search and PPC Practices

by DevriX

Best PPC Strategy by DevriX

  1. Set PPC goals
  2. Personalize your ads
  3. Single keyword Ad Groups (SKAG)
  4. Target bottom-of-the-funnel keywords
  5. Tell Google what’s negative
  6. Retarget for long-tail keywords
  7. Use the Lookalike feature
  8. Optimize your landing pages for different audiences

PPC Geotargeting Best Practices Guide

by Ilya Cherepakhin @ SEJ

Best PPC Strategy by SEJ

  1. Avoid unnecessary hyper-targeting
  2. Split your campaign by time zones
  3. Group similarly performing markets
  4. Target strategically important markets separately from the rest
  5. Set up a scalable naming convention
  6. Don’t forget negative locations
  7. Choose the right targeting method
  8. Don’t set & forget

5 PPC Strategies to Test in 2019

by Michelle Morgan @ WordStream

Best PPC Strategy by WordStream

  1. Test a new channel
  2. Map conversion actions
  3. Segment retargeting lists by date ranges
  4. Leverage audiences in campaigns
  5. Test automating a portion of your account

13 PPC Strategies to try out in 2019

by Windsor AI

Best PPC Strategy by Windsor

  1. Make use of promotion extension
  2. Set your PPC keeping voice search in mind
  3. Give more attention to mobile-specific PPC ads
  4. Stand out from your competitors using Target Outranking Share
  5. Set location bid adjustment to target the right visitors
  6. Place a targeted Cost per Conversion
  7. Utilize negative keywords wisely
  8. Adding and Tracking Call Extension
  9. Adding dynamic keyword in your ads
  10. Remarketing lists for search ads
  11. Maximize your budget efficiently
  12. Give importance to audience in your campaigns
  13. Improve your Calls to Action

Finally, here’s a video to round out the lot:

How PPC will change in 2019 (and how you can prepare for it)

by Growth Everywhere

Let us know in the comments if we missed a great post or if you have one for next month’s consideration! And get in touch if you are a small business needing to start or improve your PPC strategy.

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