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GLS18 Live Blogging: Bishop TD Jakes

Each year the Global Leadership Summit broadcasts leadership lessons across the globe from some of the world’s most accomplished and respected leaders. Here are some live notes from the August 9–10, 2018 summit. #GLS18

Bishop TD Jakes

If you have a vision that everyone believes or you need no help, it’s too small.

  • If you don’t believe in something crazy, you will miss energy.
  • You need a vision that goes beyond your provision.
  • You need to think something that scares you
  • Think beyond your means. It should scare you.
  • When we’re petrified, we’re electrified
  • It doesn’t matter where you start, it matters where you finish
  • Sometimes you have the right idea in the wrong place. Like the Wright brothers building their airplane, they realized they had their airplane in the wrong place due to wind. They changed the location/context and it flew.

“What stimulates growth is losing.”

  • Never count your failure as a waist of time. It always adds to your growth and gets you closer to your vision.

“Eagles learn to fly by falling.”

  • Believe that something others laugh at is possible.
  • They might laugh at first, but they’ll take pictures when it’s done.

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