Roundup: Best Web Design Tips For Membership Sites.

Building a membership site can be a daunting task. Will it be your main site where you lock down premium content, a connected subsite like, or a completely unique domain? Most likely if you’re using Wix or Squarespace for your normal site, you’ll want a WordPress site for your Membership site. There are so many tools available on WordPress to customize, extend and otherwise make a professional experience for your members. From landing pages and checkout funnels to e-courses, quizes, and forums, WordPress makes web design for membership sites legit. Here’s a roundup of several articles with best web design tips for membership sites.

How to Build a Membership Site: Membership Sites 101

by Eric Rosenberg @ Due

Conceptual business and education background

  1. Domain name and web hosting
  2. WordPress and a theme
  3. Membership site plugins
  4. Payment gateway
  5. Your content
  6. Build your way to success online

10 Tips to Create and Run a Successful Membership Site

by Baidhurya Mani @ Teachable

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  1. Leverage the ‘course bundle’ feature to sell membership subscriptions and manage content access
  2. Offer a free/paid trial to new members
  3. Create multiple subscription levels for your membership site
  4. Upsell members to increase their average spend
  5. Create a learning path for your students
  6. Create multiple content types for your membership site
  7. Leverage A Comment System to Engage Your Members
  8. Reward your members for taking action
  9. Survey members to gather feedback and also generate content ideas
  10. Create an affiliate program to reward those who refer people to you


5 Web Design Tips For Membership Websites

by IronPaper

Fitness membership

  1. Identify the needs of your members
  2. Build less; observe; improve.
  3. Provide easy access
  4. Explain and help
  5. Design engagement


8 Rules of a Successful Membership Site

by Matthew Eldridge @ Melt Design

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  1. Learn From Other Successful Membership Sites
  2. Interact and Engage With Your Members
  3. Offer Free Places
  4. Offer Multiple Methods Of Payment
  5. Adapt To Your Members Needs
  6. Make It Easy To Navigate
  7. Listen To Your Members
  8. Run Group Events


7 Tips for Creating and Running Your First Membership Site

by Jane Hurst @ LifeHack

Booking Flight Travel Website Concept

  1. Study Membership Sites You Use
  2. Embrace Your Inexperience
  3. Consider Free Subscriptions for Influential Users
  4. Foster a Strong Relationship with Your Customers
  5. Structure Your Site to Balance Content and Aid Navigation
  6. Invite Customers to Get Involved
  7. Evolve to Suit Your Growing Membership

Let us know in the comments if we missed a great post or if you have one for next month’s consideration! And get in touch if you are looking to start a membership site of your own.

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