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Foundational SEO strategy to beat your competition.


Ranking isn't easy

Insight: there are 200 ranking factors outlined by Google!

SEO Management 1


Search engines have to establish what type of information a user is looking for.

SEO Management 2


The content of pages is analyzed to determine if a page has related information.

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The most reliable and trustworthy sources of relevant content are prioritized.

SEO Management 3


To compete, a result has to be useable by the majority of users (device, browser, speed, security, etc.).

SEO Management 4


Location and previous search history further inform the results shown.

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Online Directories

Real World Example

Focus: the more that trusted websites link to your website, the more trustworthy – and therefore, prioritized – yours is by search engines.

SEO Management 5
SEO Management 6

Solution #1

We can help your organic results

Strategy: syndicate and update your brand’s info across multiple online directories and receive 70+ high quality inbound links in 30 days.

Knowledge Manager

Your brand's description, services, hours, photos, videos, and promotions can be updated anytime, with or without our assistance.

Listing Syndication

Your brand's information will be listed in the top business directories that are prioritized by the search engines because they are trusted and reliable. No need to manually create a listing.

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Voice Search

The next phase of search is off to the races, and your website and in-store offerings will be served up in voice search results.

Announce Promos

If you're featuring a new product or running a store-wide sale, you can let the world know

Solution #2

We can help you Advertise

Insight: Paid search ads can increase brand awareness by 80% (Source: WordStream), and >50% of consumers don’t recognize a difference between paid search ads and organic results (Source: Search Engine Watch)!


Unbeatable Value

Consider: 76% of local mobile searchers visit a business within 24 hours, and 61% of local searches result in purchases (Source: TagMarketing).

Starter Plan

Per Location
$ 50
/ Month
  • Technical Audit
  • Get Crawled by Google & Bing
  • Get listed on 100+ Search Partner Directories
  • Utilize Voice Search
  • Feature Special Offers Weekly
  • Update Your Listings Any Time
  • Managed by PagePerfect

Google Ads Express

Per Location
$ 50
/ Month
  • Setup
  • Manage Keywords
  • Update Photos & Videos
Level Up

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Per Facebook Page
$ 300
/ Month
  • Campaign Setup & Management
  • Split Test Audiences
  • Split Test Content
  • Update Photos & Videos
  • Retargeting website visits
  • Retargeting video views

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