4 tips to salvage bad footage

4 Tips to Salvage Bad Footage

We’ve all been there – the film shoot is over, we’ve transferred the files, but as we begin to edit our heart sinks…? the footage is messed up pretty bad! Nevertheless, here are 4 tips to salvage bad footage:

Note: the screenshots and several techniques in this post are taken from the Make.Art.Now YouTube channel video titled, Make AWFUL footage SUPER CINEMATIC!

1. Salvage

A. Repair corrupt mp4

B. Blown out shots: add a layer on top, change opacity to screen or overlay; looks more dreamy, looks intended, and hides the overexposed shot

C. Pixelated shots: “guiding the audience”; add film grain and/or “recording” overlay so that the pixelated shots seem intended

2. Search

A. Find anything useable // Basic relatable emotions

B. Stock footage for B-Roll and Exposition, super tight, cinematic b-roll

“You can vastly improve the overall perceived quality of a film by loading the most cinematic shots first and then hooking the audience with story; as the story unfolds they’re less likely to notice a drop in quality.”

C. Multiple Narrative Timeline, i.e., old footage. Consider old footage from an earlier date for “time travel”. Photos or video from social media.

3. Reshoot

A. Reshoot same location after the fact. Tight, slow, tracking shots.


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